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    Which of the following describes your hair texture?
    Very little, fine hairMedium hairThick hair

    Do you currently have color on your hair?

    Are you looking to stay close to the color you are now or radically change it?
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    Below you will be asked to submit photos of your hair. These must be current photos taken in natural lighting, with no flash or direct sunlight. It is recommended that you use your cell phone, use a self-timer, or have someone else take them.

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    For new clients you can expect to invest $900 to $1500 for your initial appointment and installation. There is a $500 non-refundable deposit required in order to set up an appointment and secure your spot. This deposit goes toward the final amount at the time of your appointment. The total investment includes your Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, customized color for you and the extensions, cut and style.

    For our returning clients, you can expect the following:
    • Retighten the NBR every 6-8 weeks
    • Replace the NBR hair every 4-6 months
    • Any hair added to refresh hair in between will be an extra charge at time of service
    • A usual tightening and color refresh ranges between $250 and $600 depending on how many rows you have and your color needs at each appointment

    Having full knowledge of the financial commitments to obtain your NBR extensions, are you prepared to make the final investment necessary and experience the best, most natural looking hair extensions?
    Yes, I'm in!No, I don't want the most natural looking hair I have ever had without the damage of traditional hair extensions.